1. Illinois Trip ~ Days 3 and 4… Day in the city and the ride home | Beautiful In His Time

    […] Ezra playing with the iPod dock: “I’m trying to fik it!” We asked if he wanted help. He said no.Ezra taking a half hour nap (again, that was it for the trip!) Splashing in puddles at McDonalds…Ezra’s newest favorite thing to do. “Uh, SPISHSPASH?!?!?! SEE WAWER?!?!?!”Of course, more fries. Ezra loves fries. He sees the bags and starts asking for fries fries fries!!!!Engrossed in his “new car book” that he got for his birthday. It kept him occupied for almost 10 minutes! So that was our trip. We made it home before 5pm and got to relax for the rest of the night. To read more about our trip check out my previous posts: Day 1 and Day 2 […]

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