1. Aprille, Saturdays are truly my crazy day and I am just now reading e-mails from early this morning. I hate it deep down that I feel the same way as you sometimes and try my best, but I like you unwind by myself. There truly has to be a happy balance here and if you find it share it 🙂 But seriously could very much relate and am with you right now on how you are feeling about needing a break once in awhile!!

  2. We all feel like this sometimes! Being a mom is the hardest job there is, next to being a wife. No one tells you how tough both those jobs can be and how it can be easy to start to lose yourself. Hope you have a better day – just know you’re not alone.

      • You are going to have to store up the Joy to get you through the tegenae years. The best baby I had is trying to suck the life out of me now. Gavin is getting a little better but last week he informed me he would like to quit his job at the farm and provide daycare to people out of our home. (I think I must have looked like I had just been hit by a water balloon.) Note: This is after he left the neighbors kids (who he was being paid to watch with me so that he could go by cigarettes.)Seeing that parents include their children as the most precious things in their life I am not real comfortable putting Gavin in charge. I just told him that maybe he should come up with another game plan. Then I calmly walked out of the room and slammed by head against the nearest wall.Love Ya & Hang in ThereSally

  3. You are so not alone! This is a battle. Its between us & our self. You are a good mom, you will survive. Take one step at a time, smile, wipe your tears (all of them the good, the bad, the questionable ones), dig your heels in, say “thank you” to God Almighty Himself & know you are exactly where God wants you to be…seeking Him.

  4. Laura Kinder

    Hi Aprille,
    Thanks for sending your email. It is good to hear about what you are doing. I love the picture of your family. Your blog is great, such wonderful transparency. You should write a book because you are so engaging.

  5. You are just awesome! It’s truly refreshing to know that this is an experience that all mommies may go through. You have lightened not only my mind, but my heart. Thank you!!

  6. Bethany

    I literally bawled through your post. Thank you for your honesty. I am a stay at home mom with three boys 5 and under, two of them with special needs…..this post is so my life. I am new to where we live and with the void of tangible, physically present friends in my life, I find myself searching out like minded women on the internet in the world of blogs…anything. So ironic that years a part and probably states away, the battle of motherhood can be the same.

    • Bethany, I’m so glad that this post meant something to you today. I’ve since blogged a lot both about motherhood, but also about special needs. I hope you will take some time to look around and read some of the other content here. I’m sure you will feel encouraged!

  7. You put how I feel into words perfectly. I need time to recharge as an introvert and I have to have alone time or I go nuts, but lately, it seems like all I ever want is just to be left alone. Then, that makes me feel guilty because what kind of a mom doesn’t want to be around her own family.

    • This right here. I wish I had the answer. I keep telling myself it’s just a phase because of the stages my boys are in… I also decided to back off on school work. I think that’s contributing to the overwhelm.

  8. Elizabeth

    Sweet Aprille, you are NOT alone. This hits just where it is needed today! Thank you as always for your honesty, and rawness. It makes mom’s like me know that we aren’t alone either.

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