1. Stacey J

    That verse has always made me stop and pause and I wonder what where the things exactly that she “pondered in her heart.”? I love your take on this!

  2. Such a beautiful and thought provoking post. I remember when I came to the realization that Mary was a real woman, a real wife and a real mother. It overwhelmed me! I enjoyed your thoughts and being reminded of this again. I’m going to share your post with one of my friends who is struggling along this season. You were a blessing to me this morning. Thank you:)

  3. Love that video- hadn’t seen that before. Part of why I love Christmas so much is because the events surrounding His birth are my favourite to read in the whole Bible. Every year the Lord brings out a different aspect to me, and it is just so miraculous!!! I am overwhelmed and humbled by so many small details. And as a mother, I often put myself in Mary’s place. It’s comforting to know that she was human just like us mothers today, and that God used her for a very special ministry!

  4. I often think about Mary too, what she thought about, her feelings. I’m an introvert myself so I can relate to her quiet, internal ponderings. Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. […] bedroom surrounded by ribbons and bows listening to music gives you a lot of time to think…to ponder. My emotions started vascilating somewhere between the kind of melty feeling that makes you say […]

  6. Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

    I love blogging – and the community we are able to build through it. Great post, really got me thinking!

  7. I love Luke 2:19 too! I mentioned it to my Mom right after my son was born, and I was reading the Christmas story. I’m sure I read it many times before that but it just never stuck out until I was a mother. I can’t imagine seeing Christ’s journey from cradle to cross as a Mother. I blog to keep track of the little things in my children’s lives too. It’s our generation’s version of a “baby calendar” I think.

  8. Hi Aprille! What a clever and thought provoking peace. I’ve often compared my parenting experience to my mothers..who grew up without the world of social media and I marvel at the ways we can document our lives. But there is definitely a time to ponder things in our hearts…to keep silent. Your posts reminds me to carefully balance what and how I live and share. Loved the video. Merry Christmas!

    • Balance is the perfect word – and I think each mom will find her own balance, not all of us will come to the same conclusions. But yes, sometimes I think we would be better off without all of the online “noise.”

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