1. Great to read how it worked for you! My daughter will be 2 1/2 August 5th and she still nurses before bed – she asks for it. If we have company or are sleeping at someone else’s house she’ll go without/not ask, but when it’s just us she always will. Now that I’m nursing a newborn all the time again adding her once a day in isn’t a big deal. I’m kind-of playing it by ear to see if she decides to stop on her own sometime or I end up saying no. . .

    • That sounds like a great way to approach it. I didn’t like the thought of tandem nursing (for me), but I’m always proud of other moms who make that choice!

  2. I know this is an old article but since I came across the other (too tired to be a good mom) I decided to read some more! My son turned 2 this week and still asks for “miwk” a few times a day. Some days it’s 3 or 4 (if he’s not feeling well or didn’t sleep well) and sometimes he doesn’t nurse at all. I’m 26 weeks pregnant so though it wasn’t my plan to tandem nurse (we had planned for more time between young’uns) it looks like that’s what we will be doing, at least for awhile. Most days I enjoy nursing. It’s not particularly comfortable for the first 15 seconds or so but I enjoy the cuddle time and the relative calm. And his little face is so dang sweet when he asks… I find it so hard to say no! But I often offer milk in a cup or some crackers or something else if I’m just feeling too worn out to deal with it. I can’t decide yet if I’m ready for him to wean or not.

    • When both you and he are ready, I think you will know. It should be a relatively peaceful process for both of you, at least that’s how it was for me and Ezra. I hope that you will find peace in that decision, whenever it comes!

  3. Tanya

    Just to share my successful experience of a surprising and easy way to put an end to it.. I was so tired of breastfeeding when my baby was close to 2 year old mark I just couldn’t take it anymore. I enjoyed our special time together, but at that point it really didn’t feel good any longer. I tried saying no, that didn’t work and made me feel guilty.. I tried ‘running away’.. didn’t do the trick. I read somewhere about placing some lemon juice on the nipples and saying that the milk turned sour (cruel!), I tried that too.. Didn’t quite work, but there was something about it.. So I thought of an interesting way – putting on some band aids on nipples and explaining that mommy doesn’t feel good right now, it hurts, and she can’t nurse you. I tried it…. I didn’t expect my baby to be affected by it, but she just accepted it calmly and went to bed on her own! And the next time I made sure the band aids are there again.. She saw them, asked how long it’s going to be this way, and I replied that I don’t know… She was fine with that, went to bed by herself again. Wow… And that’s how it ended for us. I never regretted or missed it because I was so ready for that to be over. If you are still doubting, you are not there yet. You have to be absolutely sure you want and need it. Just trying to help you, caring, kind and hard working mommies. 🙂

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