1. Stacey Jordan

    Wow! 10 days to move, that’s tough. I had 7 days to move once during a deployment but the good thing is it was still in housing like 2 blocks away!
    I took notes- humor and chocolate I think are very important!

    • Well it’s been more than that really. We have known we would be moving for months, we just didn’t know where and when specifically. When we hit January first I really started working hard on organizing and purging and a little bit of cleaning. I guess you could say that I did a lot of PRE moving work. But we had planned to move mid April but had to move those dates up by a week so it’s been a little hectic. At least the army is packing us!

  2. Moving for us is something that I really don’t want to experience again anytime soon, but it looks like we may have to so we can be closer to my husband’s work. Our last move just about killed me. A sense of humor, caffeine and chocolate are definite musts!

    • Military families move every 2-3 years!! This is my third move in 5 years. And we will probably move again after we are more settled in North Carolina, as we will need more space. But, hopefully THAT will be the last time for a while! It’s hard sometimes!

      • I am a navy brat by birth, so I can relate to the moving often as a child. But the advantage was that I wasn’t the adult responsible for all of that. I moved every year for many years, but it really didn’t bother me! I didn’t have to take charge of all of the other stuff!

  3. I LOVE the dry erase boards—too funny!

    We had a bit more time for packing up and moving, but only 7 days to find a house, and, when our truck was delayed 2 weeks and came only 3 days before our pre-scheduled housewarming party, I had only 2 days to unpack the entire house. Still not sure how I managed that. Pretty sure God held the sun in the sky for me like he did with the Israelites 🙂

    • It’s been a little rushed and hectic…but overall not that bad. Things have gone quickly but smoothly. And our stuff isn’t coming til Monday, which is frustrating, but on the other hand, gives me a little more chance to rest before the flurry of moving in and unpacking.

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