1. Alexandra

    My comments are sounding so redundant. But seriously, this has been *such* a blessing and exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!!!

  2. […] Introduction: some self-observations about legalism Part 1: what is “legalism”? Part 2: standing under the broken heart Part 3: hiding in shame, packing up my dreams Part 4: when you “trust and obey” but your heart still gets broken Part 5: when you’ve been hurt by legalism, hold onto faith Part 6: What do Brad Pitt, Josh Groban, and Sleepless in Seattle have in common? Part 7: perfection is not possible Part 8: finding healing and freedom in secular music Part 9: “I will keep believing that God still has a plan” Part 10: Plan A, 2.0 Part 11: Modesty: a picture of grace Part 12: Disconnect: when God just doesn’t seem relevant Part 13: Roses in the dumpster: seeing God in everyday life Part 14: Cheating on my church Part 15: Can you hear Jesus calling? Part 16: Checklists, control, and motherhood Part 17: forget where you “should be” and “give God your ugly” Part 18: When your church isn’t meeting your needs Part 19: on being “in your place” in church Part 20: when your spiritual journey doesn’t look like his Part 21: “Well…it feels comfortable…” […]

  3. the quiet one

    oh my. i wish we could meet for coffee and hold a conversation. i find that it has taken *more* faith to leave a black and white world where i knew what was expected of me, where i had all the right answers, and where everything could be ‘fixed’ if i repented and conformed to the shape of it, than to continue following the quiet voice into, as you so precisely call it, the wilderness. due to the circumstances of my life and the repercussions of my faith there has been heavy, intense sorrow, unspoken shunning, and a host of other effects that remind me, in the same dialect that i imagine told yeshua that he could turn these stones into bread, that i could ‘admit my sin’ and ‘repent’ and all would be well again. when i know in my heart that to do so would go against everything God has shown me and brought me through.

    such a vital series. i look forward to exploring it from the beginning.

  4. Marie

    Wow this post has really spoken to me. I actually copied alot of stuff from it into my journal 🙂 hehe…. and put “from “Beautiful in His Time” blog. I’m actually in counseling for fear/legalism. It’s been a journey for me that stated years ago. I started wearing pants maybe when I was 20 got my ears pierced…. and the outward conservative/legalism looked gone in a number of ways… and I felt like I was still me but the inward journey that I am STILL slugging through has taken a long time 😛

    I was in worship one time at church or something and I felt like I saw a picture of a giant purple butterfly shape over myself…. like a 2 dimensional shaped butterfly …. and you have a butterfly the graphic to illustrate your journey 🙂 cool how God works.

    Thank you for sharing. I feel you have expressed better than I have what I am going through and feeling in this post.

  5. holly

    Change is scary. Even though I knew that our old church wasn’t the right place for us, it took a long time to be brave enough to leave. I’ve often thought that we didn’t leave until the pain of staying was greater than the pain of leaving.

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