1. Heather

    Hi Aprille,
    Your blog has blessed me in so many ways since I started reading it a couple of weeks ago. And I know this is so far from the main point it seems silly to mention it, but just for your health and the health of your readers; an egg has 6 grams of protein. A cup of sliced cucumber has .7 grams of protein. So while it does have protein, you would have to eat a veritable truckload to get an equivalent amount. Just thought you should know.

    • Hmm okay maybe I was misinformed. I think the article I linked to talked about the different percentages of protein per item, not necessarily the actual grams? But not sure. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. 🙂

    • To clarify, a more accurate way to say it is that cucumbers (along with other vegetables) have a higher percentage of protein (in relation to how much of other things like fat, carbs, etc) or a higher protein to fat/carb ratio than things like eggs, meat. So yeah, my understanding of that was a little off!

      “It is commonly thought that vegetables are low in protein, therefore vegetarian diets are lacking in nutrition. Of course this is not true.

      If we measure our veggie proteins in percentage of calories, we begin to see that they contain good ratios of protein. Now let me say this: in order to get the same number of grams of protein from spinach as from meat, you would need to consume a lot of spinach. That is why we juice and blend our veggies folks!”

  2. Oh my… my girlie is 18 now and starting college in a few weeks but OH HOW I REMEMBER the beginning of the 3’s! 2’s? 2’s were a breeze… the beginning of 3’s was maybe the biggest challenge we had (until maybe a couple of years ago! LOL!) The good news… as it turns out – the middle and end of 3’s? That was among my favorite times with her… Oh – and I so get the car issue… praying for grace (and a reliable car or two as well!)

    • It’s nice to know it DOES get better. I keep trying to picture him at 5, 10, 15 and keep that in mind on days when he’s trying my patience!

      It seems that the car issues are fixed for now – we are just a lot a bit poor-er because of it! lol But I suppose that’s what an “emergency fund” is for, right?

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