1. This is such a turbulent time! It sounds as if you’re handling those moments of struggle well. I try to remember that they don’t always know what’s going on any more than I do and to be thankful for the peaceful moments when things settle down for a while.

  2. Heather McCool

    I love how much u are able to pay attention. We lose that with the addition of lots of kiddos, but when things get turbulent im going to watch for the flying at the end. 🙂 thanks for sharing your observations so beautifully! And with such an appropriate and easy to remember metaphor

  3. I really like the part where you said you try not to expect more of him than God expects of you. I have one child who seems to live in a pocket of turbulence, and it doesn’t always have a rhyme or reason. This will help me put it in perspective a bit more. Great post!

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