1. Lori Harris

    Me too!!!!!! I’ve always struggled with figuring out who my audience is, who’s reading?, what am I really trying to say????
    So hard!
    Thank you for sharing your heart- and I agree- I think you do speak to those who need some hope.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Reminds me of 2 Corinthians 12:9…I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me… How can others truly see the grace of God at work in our lives if we hide our weaknesses and vulnerabilities?

  3. Thank you Aprille, it is about hope. I started writing with the purpose of sharing how God displays Himself in our daily life no what is going on in our life. But really it is about hope, that someone else may be going through the same situation asking questions and wondering how. Hope to grab onto when life is tuff. God is there pouring grace, mercy, strength and love upon us so that we can have hope. Yes, I’m not alone either.

  4. Hi Aprille, I came across your blog via a the christian mommy blogger google+ community. I can relate so much to what you have written about finding your voice. Your heart to encourage others certainly shines through.

  5. beckydaye

    I wish I had time to read every single post, Aprille! Being vulnerable can be very painful at times, but when God uses it in someone’s life, it is all worth it, isn’t it?!! Thanks for stopping by my blog- I look forward to reading more of your words!

  6. Your heart really does shine through! I loved reading this post as it was helpful for me to think about the question, “who is reading my posts?” I am so glad I visited this morning from The Friday Five. May you & yours have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. I found your blog through the watered soul. Those are astute questions you asked. You always wonder what you should share and not share in your blog, how much of your self you should add and how to make your blog self-less and not focusing on self self self. It was a good read

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