1. Katie Emanuel

    Love this post! I’m a big fan of beauty in the mess 🙂 Because life is that way. It’s a big ol’ mess. And we can live it hoping it will look like a Pinterest board or we can live it like it’s ours – messy and imperfect but blessed and interlaced with grace. I think you capture that so well on your blog. Your family brought joy and peace to ours this Christmas – a gift we’ll never forget! Blessings to you today, Aprille!

    • Thanks! I’m always worried about having so many pictures in one post – I think that was my hesitancy but people like it for this I guess! And you are so welcome. I am glad to share the love! 🙂

  2. I’m a fairly new followers, so this was my first “Beauty in the Mess” edition. Love, love, love!! We can all use some inspiration to look for the bright spot when things can be difficult. PS – LOVE the photo at night taken of your son by the Christmas tree!!

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