1. Great, great stuff here, Aprille!
    I think the biggest thing IS talking about it. Making the effort, as I said on my blog. Breaking down the stereotypes that we have inevitably given each other will only happen if we continue to talk to each other about our lives. What is on our hearts. And, what the Lord is asking of us.

    We are women, daughters of God (as you say, and I said, too!)… that in and of itself should connect us more than our married/single status! I am not perfect at it, obviously. But, this is where bridging the gap is going to happen.

    Thanks, again!

  2. Love these tips, I love just hanging out with my mommy friends watching their kids. I love hearing them talk about their life as wives and mothers because I get a glimpse into what “real” marriages look like, the good, bad and in-between.

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  4. I had a lovely comment all written, and the interwebs ate it….so, short story:

    I LOVE this post-I think it’s my new favorite blog post. You words have been such a blessing. As a single twenty-something, I sometimes feel like I have a disease. But I find joy in my singleness, and appreciate where I am today and the ways God has grown me. I am happy for my friends who are married and/or with children. But I don’t feel deficient because I am not married. Yet to many people make assumptions about my singleness and my opinions on it.

    Thank you so much for these words Aprille!

  5. Kayla

    In my experience, it is a thousand times easier for me to befriend a single than a mother. I think whether or not a woman has children makes a huge difference. Those with children tend to avoid me simply because I don’t have children.

    • that’s definitely another gap I would love to see bridged. Marriage and motherhood are so life-changing, yet those who haven’t experienced them still have much to bring to the relationship. Perhaps this is a topic you might consider guest/posting on?

  6. Debi

    Hi Aprille, I so completely agree with what you had to say. It’s amazing the number of women who are left out, as you said,”because they don’t fit in.” Well I disagree with that attitude. I’m thankful that my Church agrees with your philosophy and all our women do all things together. No Women is excluded. Thank You Aprille for sharing this topic.
    XO Debi

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