1. Meg Melnik

    Aprill, I adore all of your pictures and all of your creativity with your son. Also, I would strongly encourage you to get help, counseling, therapy, pre-school. I think I’ve told you in the past. My daughter, Hope is 14 years old and hi-functioning autistic. She does sooo much better , when she can get out and interact with others. Our therapists have been specifically trained to work with autistic children, so they don’t mind the bumps in the road. (although they do seem like mountains) Does your state have an Autism Waiver, I signed Hope up for the waiver when she was three. We had to wait 5 1/2 years on the waiting to get funding. But it was worth it, as now all of her therapies and prescriptions are paid for. Lastly, You seem to have an endless source of love and patience for your son. May God continue to bless you through and to bless us through your blogs.
    Happy Valentine’s day. Meg

    • My son is not autistic – but we are pursuing help through preschool, counseling and therapy (personal and individual for both my husband and I). Thank you for reading and for your encouragement!

        • Meg, I do talk about it some because three of my closest friends have sons the same age as my son with Autism! Encouraging them and building bridges between moms of neurotypical children and moms of children with special needs is heavy on my heart and there will be more to come on the blog about this topic in the future. We are collaborating together to create resources but it just hasn’t happened yet!

          • Meg Melnik

            Oh yes, I remember now. I look forward to your collaborations with your friends. It is rare for me to find folks who know God and who know autism. The church that we’ve been going to for the last 4 years doesn’t really understand my daughter when she is overstimulated, they just think she is misbehaving. It breaks my heart because now she hates church and doesn’t want to talk about God. Currently, we are looking for a new church, but as I said it is rare to find folks who both know God and know autism. I look forward to your posts. Thank you

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