1. Lydia

    Have you ever looked into sensory processing disorder? It’s fairly new to some doctors. We just received the diagnosis, it can look alot like adhd. I mention it because of certain statements you have said about motion and touch.

    • Yes, Ezra has a lot of sensory processing issues as well. They are treating him as symptomatic of SPD (including giving him weekly occupational therapy and a lot of sensory support in his treatment plan) even though that diagnosis hasn’t officially been added to his record because it’s still controversial in nature.

  2. I can relate to this so well, both for myself and my son. I have an ADHD diagnosis and my son has a grab bag of acronyms as well. But there is one he has symptoms of that we do not put on his forms by name. Because we don’t know if it is THAT or a combo of some other things that will work out in puberty. We are starting puberty now, so time will tell.

  3. Kelly Hansell

    You really hit the nail on the head… some days are just easier than others. Some days you can see the progress, the self-regulation, the coping skills; and then, other days it’s like being back at square one. Jeremiah has been oUT of control all afternoon today. He took his medications on time, we’ve been working on changing our eating habits, he didn’t watch that much t.v., but he was still a complete wild child. I suspect it could be because I had school work to work on today, and didn’t pay him as much attention as usual, but it could just be that he couldn’t get his brain and his behavior together today… And now it’s bedtime, and no matter how many times I ask, no matter how calmly I try to remain, he won’t, or he can’t calm down. I needed to read this today… sometimes I have a hard time remembering that there are some things that, sometimes, he’s just not capable of. So I need to give him grace, and maybe myself too.

    • Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. I’m hoping that today went better for both of you. Thanks so much for your encouragement and camaraderie on this unique parenting path.

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