1. Take a deep breath. I remember when I was pregnant with Genevieve I would tell myself, I just want her out because then I can see her and protect her. Then she was born and I said okay after the first year I won’t worry because she will be a bit older. She is almost 5 and the worry, guilt, the uncertainty and fear is still thrre. One thing that isn’t there any longer is what “others ” think I should or could be feeling. You will get the breast or bottle question till the baby leaves for college, do you co sleep, baby wear, nap schedule, play dates and all the other propaganda we as mom’s have been made to feel guilty about. Best piece of advice I ever got was : Tell people to shut the fuck up, because everyone will chime in with how they think you should parent, how you should be feeling, and the bottom line is it your mama bear instinct will kick in and you will be amazing with your baby you’re husband will have to share your time but it’s all for the greater good of becoming a family. Congratulations and I hope
    For a safe and amazing birth.

    • Thank you so much, Catherine. I think that with the first baby, all of that guilt and insecurity is the worst. I’m sure I’ll still deal with it for a while, but I’m hoping that this time around, I’ll be more confident (and relaxed) in my parenting choices.

  2. Angelika

    Oh gosh..this was me..7 months ago. I relate…to the “not being a very good wife right now”, and the scary scary feeling that the big wave is coming. All those worries, I definitely had them..but I tell you, when the moment comes, and baby wants to nurse whilst Ezra throws a tantrum, you will handle it, by God’s grace. Those moments can be messy. Insane. But they pass! I always tell myself 30 minutes from now the insanity will have passed. It is usually true, and it helps me to not feel overwhelmed. Feelings may get hurt, one child or both may cry, you may cry, but God will meet you in the mess, in the incompletely packed bags, the unwashed bottles, the tantrum, the sweaty reality of nursing a grumpy baby whilst being emotionally responsive to your sensitive little 5 year old who needs to feel heard..God really is big enough. Take courage! Remember He will not only teach you to surf, He is the one in complete control of each and every wave.
    Excuse me whilst I hop back on my surfboard…baby yelling.. 🙂

    • Angelika, you have no idea how encouraging this comment has been to me. I keep reading it over and over. Thank you so much for offering up your wisdom and great ideas for coping in the moment.

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