1. Ruth

    What insight! I’m a little envious really;)
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. They really hit home for me today.

  2. Learning Mom

    I just stumbled on your site today and i can’t tell you how much i appreciate you sharing your story! SO much of what you say is resonating deeply with me. i have a 5 year old son who is not yet diagnosed with ADHD but it’s probably coming. we are starting behavior therapy. my husband has anxiety and the two of them clash with lots of yelling. i have trouble setting boundaries and want to please and take care of and control everything. many scenarios you describe have happened VERY similarly in our house. i haven’t finished reading all your blogs but i’m wondering if you have tips or learned wisdom about how to respond to negative attention seeking behavior in public… i can’t let my son destroy property or run away, but maybe i can be “emotionless”? as i physically stop him? (which is becoming more of a challenge the bigger he gets). i’ve been waiting and waiting for the therapists to teach strategies for
    this but no one has much to offer yet. maybe being more consistent at home with this is supposed to help when in public? anyway, no need to reply necessarily, just sharing 🙂 Again, thank you SO much for sharing your experience!!!!

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