1. Mom

    I loved the girl who went to camp yesterday. I love the woman you are today. I love what God is doing on your life.

  2. Holly M

    Hi Aprille! I just had to say that I’ve been reading through your blog for the past few days and am completely surprised by the number of things we have in common. I grew up in central OH. My dad helped to lay the tile in the kitchen at Camp Peniel when I was just a girl. I think I have an old photo of us paddle-boating on the lake there…. I never attended as a camper because the church we went to when I was in jr high/high school went to a different, small IFB camp, but I definitely could relate to the feelings of this post. My husband and I are Ambassador grads. We actually just moved from NC (where we’ve lived since graduation 10 years ago) to Minnesota and are in the process of finding our first church out of that college bubble + the IFB churches we grew up in. It’s been a long, interesting journey for us. But I appreciate all that you’ve written, because it helps to know someone else understands this journey! Keep it up!

    • Ooh this is exciting! Especially because Peniel and Ambassador are kinda different worlds, so to find someone else with both in their background is kind of like finding a unicorn! Wow! When were you at Ambassador and what was your maiden name?

      • Holly

        I know, right? It’s kind of crazy 😀 I was at ABC from 2006-2009. My husband graduated in 2010 and was on staff until 2014 as the web/IT guy. My maiden name was Skinner, and married name is Minion (my husband’s brother married John Godfrey’s younger sister if that helps make a connection) 😀

        • I totally recognize your maiden name although I have no idea where or why. We probably have a lot of mutual Facebook friends or something! We just missed each other. My one and only semester was fall 2005.

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