February Link Love

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Happy end of February! I still feel like I didn’t do much blog reading this month (and I’m enjoying the respite) but somehow I still managed to find some AMAZING links to share with you all today! I hope that these posts will encourage and bless your heart today!

February Link Love @ Beautifulinhistime.com

What to teach your daughter about Bruno Mars and love songs
Will I have raised you brave enough to look deep into his eyes and tell him, “there’s not a thing that I would change, because I’m amazing just the way I am.”

As You Look Back On Your Week…
It’s time to remind ourselves that life is not about doing. Life is about loving.

If you do come over, and I really want you to, I won’t pretend that I have it all together.

The Woman Behind the Veil
You see, like the woman at the doctor’s office, I too wore a veil.

Is Motherhood Hard?
But motherhood? You don’t really get it. You never arrive and master it.

Printable Doctor Who Alphabet Mini Book

The Days He Brings Me to the End of Myself
I can rest in Him because on the days when your super power is making me realize how weak a mama can be, He is my strong.

What You Long to Hear on the Hard Days {Coffee for Your Heart}
You’re going to survive this ride. One way or another. In other words, “Take heart! You’re going to be okay.”

When you worry you’ve messed up your kids and it’s too late to fix things
You’re only too late once you give up going back for another do-over. You’re only too late if you stop trying again.

Most Bloggers Think About Social Media the Wrong Way
You’re creating an atmosphere of buzz– people will be drawn to you because they know you aren’t going to scream at them to read your stuff. You’re going to educate.

What You Need to Know for the Highs and Lows
Take comfort in this, friend: Whether this is your best day on earth or one of your worst, you will never be alone or unloved. Not even for a moment.

Hidden Victims of the Sex Trade
We can talk about the evils of sex trafficking. We can work to rescue the women involved. But we will never make real change unless we rescue our boys too.

What’s True For You No Matter What Happens
Those wounds will be healed by the One whose scars have guaranteed victory for you.

How Tired People [Make] Love & Have an “Anything But Boring” Weekend
None of us ever know whom we marry. And falling in love never made anyone angels… it’s only made it clear how far we’ve fallen.

I just got engaged and immediately doubted my decision. Here’s why I still said “yes”
THAT is the joy of saying “yes” to the proposal. Not that we have found the “perfect person”, but that we are a step closer to drawing back a layer and getting to see God’s perfect love played out in a beautiful way in our lives.

When Mothering is Hard and No One Sees
Her job, nay her calling, begins before her feet even hit the floor. This isn’t a glamorous role, and no one is applauding her this morning.

When you feel like quitting motherhood
I had reached the end of my rope, and I could not see any other way out than to run from motherhood.


  1. Ah, this is the perfect selection of links! I think I read about half of them this month, and I’m excited to check out more. I love the blurb you shared from the one on bloggers and social media – hopping over there next!

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