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Grace: How a Recovering Legalist Moves Forward in Faith

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A few weeks ago a fellow faith blogger asked me to write a guest blog for her some time about my faith journey. “I’m particularly interested in your journey to finding Jesus…how grace has changed your life…or something of that nature.” I readily agreed. That was a month ago and I haven’t written a word…until now.

I haven’t really talked about faith – at least not explicitly – in this space in quite a while. I think that my faith story has been coloring a lot of posts. It’s always been there. But I haven’t really written a blog post specifically about where I am right now.

Mostly, it’s been because I’m not always really sure about where I am.

I think that when I wrote my blog series about legalism and grace I was a girl who had a lot of answers. As time has passed since then (can you believe it’s been four years?), I think I’ve gone through several phases.

I went from a place of surety…to a place of anger…to a place of rest…to a place of extreme doubt…to a place of healing and renewal…to a place of settling into my spiritual identity. These phases, much like the five phases of grief, haven’t had definite beginning and ending points. In some ways, I’m still dealing with all of these phases all at once. Moment to moment my emotions can change, and I’m back feeling angry, overwhelmed, or overjoyed.

I haven’t really allowed myself to write about it in detail because I felt like I had to have more things “figured out.” But, I’m also one of those people who sometimes doesn’t know what I’m thinking until I write about it.

So, before I write a post for my fellow-blogger Christy, I think I need to “flesh out” and work through some stuff in this space. Maybe then I’ll be able to string together some coherent thoughts for a guest post.

I’ve laid in bed over the last few nights, unable to sleep – trying to write a post in my head, as I always do. I’ve ended up thinking about all of the things I need to write about, disclose, and work through. It’s like “Wow, I need to talk about this…oh…and that…and I really can’t talk about that without talking about that…and this…and…”

…and thirty minutes later I’m up folding laundry at 11:30PM because my head is in a tizzy.

So, for the next {undetermined amount of time} I am going to be writing several posts about grace, our church, and where I am in my faith right now.

Grace: How a Recovering Legalist Moves Forward in Faith

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Grace: How a Recovering Legalist Moves Forward in Faith

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