1. Meg Melnik

    What a wonderful thing you have done here, Aprille. Through your compassion and generosity bridges will be built and doors will be opened. Thank you!

  2. Aprille, I am so honored to be a part of this. You are such an amazing mom, friend, and encourager. This post had me in tears of joy and hope, compassion and encouragement. Will be sharing this series with everyone I know!

  3. You are an amazing mother, encourager, and friend. This post had me in tears of joy and hope, compassion and understanding. Will be sharing this series with everyone I know. Thank you for being a bridge builder and for putting this amazing series together. I feel so blessed to be a part of it, and to learn from other awesome moms in this great community.

  4. This is beautiful!! I’m a blogger and writer (attempting to author a book!) and feel deprived having only just learned about this 31 Blogger Series that is apparently well-known to everyone but me – until yesterday. I guess I have time to start one since the day isn’t over yet, but I’m not sure now is the best time to start when I haven’t had time to prepare content – or my heart! So instead, I am enjoying everyone else’s 31 day series! I guess I will know whether or not I’m participating by midnight tonight, huh? Lol! I’m excited for your series though. I am a parent of a son with autism and have the exact same desires as you and your friends. I am sure this will be a blessing to so many. Thank you for sharing your heart, even if it is in a different form than you originally thought!

  5. Wow, thanks for this series. I will be looking forward to read all of the contributions. I am myself nto a special needs MOm, but an adult with special needs. I think I can however relate to some of these topics.

  6. Thank you for this. We are the only ones in our little group of friends that have a special needs child and I sometimes think that they don’t know what to say to us

  7. I am in tears and so very excited for this series! My dear friend and I just had babies this past year and her son has Down syndrome. It has been so hard on her- everything- and I am constantly praying for wisdom on how to be a good friend. Can’t wait to read more!

  8. Hi there! Love this post so much. I wanted to read your post on encouraging special needs mom, but the link did not work. I learned a new language and I am still learning. My daughter has a list of diseases. I am still learning about Autism (Ashleigh has PPD-NOS), ADHD, and ODD (My son has these 2). Good luck on your book!! I am working on my about our raising our daughter and having 2 other kids. I have started it. I just need more time to work on it.

    • Thanks! It’s been totally unexpected that this would be a topic I am so passionate about – the story God writes is always bigger than what we plan!

  9. Aprille, so proud of you, friend, for this series. And I can imagine this 31 days series being the material for an ebook for sure! What an important topic and voice(s) you bring to this 31 days…and your schedule of posts looks incredible! I’m cheering for you, grateful for the ways you are enlightening, challenging and teaching your readers. Such a gift.

  10. Sylvia

    This series is a great idea! I will eventually have to catch up! Thanks for sharing at Friendship Friday! Please join us again next week! I can relate to how you felt when your friends’ children had problems and yours did not. When Bethany was sick with brain cancer I felt almost guilty that her cancer was not as deadly as some of the other children’s cancers were.

  11. Jill

    Aprille, I’m impressed by your love to the community. You are an inspiration to mothers. From Singapore @ The Singapore Writing Homemaker..

  12. letwhylead

    You did such an awesome job with this whole series! Absolutely amazing. I’m sharing on facebook tomorrow night!

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