Blog Series at Beautiful In His Time

Beauty in the Mess: a monthly feature highlighting God’s beauty in my mess, family photos and news

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist: an on-going blog category journaling my recovery from perfectionism, legalism, and trying too hard at life

The Wilderness Between Legalism and Grace: a 31 post series about my personal journey away from legalistic fundamentalism

Grace: How a Recovering Legalist Moves Forward in Faith: A sequel to The Wilderness Between Legalism and Grace (20 posts and counting)

My 2013 Allume Conference Experience: 18 posts covering my preparation for my first blogging conference and my takeaways from the conference

Mothering Through Fatigue: an ongoing series about what it is like to be a mother with adrenal fatigue

Finding “Home” in 2013: a year’s worth of posts chronicling our journey out of active duty military and settling in the civilian world in North Carolina

#whitespace: one word for 2014: my journey into self-care, margin, doing less, decluttering, underachieving, and resting

At-home preschool resources for the very tired, non-creative, really busy mom: a 9-post series for tired preschool moms

Faithful Fitness Fridays (co-hosting at Wonderfully Made): busy moms loving and caring for the bodies God gave us

Redemption Stories: this blog series will run indefinitely, whenever I feel inspired to share a part of my story that God has redeemed – where I can look back onto the past with eyes of perspective and see what God was doing, the bigger picture.

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