1. Melissa Bennett

    “I’m so glad that on this Friday morning, I stopped to enjoy him. ” I love that. And I am so bad about it. Hubby will tell me I look great in a pair of pants or something and I will respond by telling him that I need his clothes for the laundry. AHHH!

    • I think kids really messes with this part of marriage. I always have a zillion things on my mind and sometimes he’s just a frustrating distraction that’s keeping me from getting things done. And with photography…I used to take so many pictures of him, but then we had a cute kid and it all stopped. I’m glad that I got some pictures of JUST him…I even made it my computer wallpaper. lol

  2. Cyndi

    I am so glad you’re getting into this photography more and more! You’re amazing with the camera and those photos are really flattering. I think you’ve really got an eye for it! Thank you for letting me know about your post here, too – sorry I haven’t made it over in a bit; I’m putting your blog into my google reader right now, lol. 🙂

    • It’s okay. I understand how hard it is to keep up with bloggers sometimes. I love photographing people (especially closeups of eyes!)…I’m not good with stationary objects but I think that is your niche!!!!

      I have a hard time shooting in my house because there is not a lot of light and few windows, and my camera is pretty simple as far as aperture and ISO so I’m somewhat limited. But first thing in the morning the light shines in my window and I’ve been able to get some great photos in the light!

  3. Larissa

    These are some great photos Aprille. And such a lovely post, just the idea of stopping and appreciating your handsome hubby 🙂

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