1. Wow, despite the job searching, it looks like you DO have so much to be thankful for, and I love that you try to focus on that rather than the uncertainties that the future holds. After all, that’s in God’s hands anyway. He knows what he’s doing. It almost brought tears to my eyes to read that your sweet Ezra won’t need the cardiologist anymore. Wonderful news! Happy to meet you this Friday morning from Christian Mommy Blogger. Have a great weekend, Aprille!

    • Yes! I am so very blessed! Doing these posts every few weeks really reminds me of how much God has given me!!!!

      It’s a little nervewracking not knowing what the future holds, but I’m just trying to REST and TRUST! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. momstheword2008

    What a blessing about the cardiologist. I loved the pictures and getting to know you and your sweet family a bit!

    My hubby was once out of work for many, many months. It’s a discouraging time for a man. But God did provide and He will provide for you too!

    Looks like your son had a great time in his room, lol! When my children outgrew their naps I still insisted that they stay in their rooms for a quiet play time. Frankly, the mess was worth it, lol!

    I put their books in a dishpan so they could just flip through to see whatever they wanted and easier to store and put away. One day I learned that I really needed to put up the crayons and markers a lot higher after I saw the lovely mural on the wall, lol!

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