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Dear Tired Moms: You’re Not Alone {An Open Letter}

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Dear tired moms:

Every day you grace these “pages” with your presence. I see the words that your tired fingers type into Google. I picture you at your computer. I feel like an intruder into those stolen moments when you somehow find the time to pour your desperation into a search bar, hoping that the click of a mouse will somehow provide the magic answer to get you through your day.

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These words only represent the last seven days on my blog. Fifteen exhausted moms in seven days.

An open letter to tired moms - Dear Tired Moms, you're not alone!

You come here to read my posts about mothering through fatigue. And I’m so glad that I’m meeting you there. But it doesn’t really feel like it’s enough. 

I wrote those posts 8-9 months ago when my son was 2 1/2 years old – but most days I’m still in those places myself. Just surviving.

Chronic fatigue is my thorn in the flesh. And this winter – to be frank, it’s kicking my rear. I’m always exhausted. Even when I have bursts of energy, it’s there. And mothering through that fatigue is so so hard. 

Three is hard just like two was hard. Easier in some respects (thank you weaning!) but harder in a lot of respects too. His will is strong and trying to shape it for good is a daily war right now.

Most mornings when I wake up all I want to do is roll over and go right back to sleep for a few hours. It just goes downhill from there.

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And so when I see your Google search terms come up in my WordPress dashboard, my heart goes out to you. And I truly mean that. My heart really hurts for you. I love the traffic, but I never expected that THIS would be how it would come. My thorn, being a gift to you. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

I wish I could give you better advice and encouragement. 

I wish I could do more than say, “I’m there too. I know it’s hard. Hang on!” and give you virtual cyber hugs that you can’t really feel. Because that seems so lame.

I wish I could take your exhaustion away and give you the energy that you crave to mother your beautiful babies. I wish I could send you free babysitters, mentors, a nap, patience, grace, hope, and some coffee all wrapped up in a flat-rate box.

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But I can’t. So let me just tell you one more time…

letter to the tired moms

You aren’t alone. Take heart.

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities… for when I am weak, then am I strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)


  • Laura

    I am a tired mom of 2 1\2 (one bun in the oven). My kids watch ALOT of TV. We go to chik fila at least once or twice a week because I get too fatigued to cook. My husband just became a cop last year and I am alone most week nights. The Lord has been so faithful to me in these times. It has been hard. But I almost feel honored when I think about it. I may not be chained in a jail with death threats hanging over my head like Paul, but I am a mom who struggles with fatigue. As I write this, I am laying on the couch completely wiped after a trip to the grocery store, and my 19mos old is watching baby videos. Tears stream down my face. I had plans to make some snacks for my daughter for her to eat after I picked her up from school, but now that can wait. I have to give myself a lot of grace. I am so tired. I feel like I’ve been in the sun all afternoon and my body almost feels weak. Thank you for your blog. It really is encouraging to know I’m not alone. I really don’t know anyone else or struggles with fatigue the way I do. It gets so frustrating trying to explain to people what I’m going through because they don’t understand what I’m talking about. Lord Jesus strengthen us all through these tired days.

    • Aprille

      1) Chickfila ROCKS for tired moms
      2) Thank your husband for his public service – you as well. I don’t know what it’s like to be a cop wife, but I have been a military spouse and I’m sure there’s some similarities at least.
      3) Grocery store trips are exhausting. Before I discovered my grocery store’s ONLINE SHOPPING, I had to do shopping on a day when I had nothing else planned because by the time I got home and got it all put away I was DONE! (Check to see if your grocery does online – it is AMAZING!)
      4) You are welcome. It’s comments like this that remind me why I write what and how I do!!!

  • Cathy

    Any advice for someone with adult children who becomes a stepmother to an extremely active and very smart 5 year old girl??? I’ve raised 2 boys and have grandchildren and I have some physical difficulties and depression and I am ridiculously tired and unenergetic.

    • Aprille

      Cathy, great question. I would look into a YMCA membership. They have financial assistance based on your income and family membership options. I am at the YMCA several times a week. With our monthly membership, we have access to childcare for 2 hours every morning! Our YMCA has a lobby with tables, free coffee and wifi – so even when I don’t want to exercise, there is a place I can go to just get a little time to myself. I utilize this time to work on my blog, listen to music, work on schoolwork, etc. I highly recommend it!!

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