1. Laura

    I am a tired mom of 2 1\2 (one bun in the oven). My kids watch ALOT of TV. We go to chik fila at least once or twice a week because I get too fatigued to cook. My husband just became a cop last year and I am alone most week nights. The Lord has been so faithful to me in these times. It has been hard. But I almost feel honored when I think about it. I may not be chained in a jail with death threats hanging over my head like Paul, but I am a mom who struggles with fatigue. As I write this, I am laying on the couch completely wiped after a trip to the grocery store, and my 19mos old is watching baby videos. Tears stream down my face. I had plans to make some snacks for my daughter for her to eat after I picked her up from school, but now that can wait. I have to give myself a lot of grace. I am so tired. I feel like I’ve been in the sun all afternoon and my body almost feels weak. Thank you for your blog. It really is encouraging to know I’m not alone. I really don’t know anyone else or struggles with fatigue the way I do. It gets so frustrating trying to explain to people what I’m going through because they don’t understand what I’m talking about. Lord Jesus strengthen us all through these tired days.

    • 1) Chickfila ROCKS for tired moms
      2) Thank your husband for his public service – you as well. I don’t know what it’s like to be a cop wife, but I have been a military spouse and I’m sure there’s some similarities at least.
      3) Grocery store trips are exhausting. Before I discovered my grocery store’s ONLINE SHOPPING, I had to do shopping on a day when I had nothing else planned because by the time I got home and got it all put away I was DONE! (Check to see if your grocery does online – it is AMAZING!)
      4) You are welcome. It’s comments like this that remind me why I write what and how I do!!!

  2. Cathy

    Any advice for someone with adult children who becomes a stepmother to an extremely active and very smart 5 year old girl??? I’ve raised 2 boys and have grandchildren and I have some physical difficulties and depression and I am ridiculously tired and unenergetic.

    • Cathy, great question. I would look into a YMCA membership. They have financial assistance based on your income and family membership options. I am at the YMCA several times a week. With our monthly membership, we have access to childcare for 2 hours every morning! Our YMCA has a lobby with tables, free coffee and wifi – so even when I don’t want to exercise, there is a place I can go to just get a little time to myself. I utilize this time to work on my blog, listen to music, work on schoolwork, etc. I highly recommend it!!

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