1. Sara, I identify with your story in so many ways. I think you make a great point about selfishness. We did not even realize that was happening in our marriage, but it was. We began to grow apart because we were so focused on survival that we lost sight of each other’s needs. Marriage counseling has made a huge impact on our marriage. I am so grateful God led us to it. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey!

    • Thank you Katie! I was very scared and nervous to share this, but I prayed that someone reading it might find hope and encouragement for their own struggling marriage! It’s not something that people like to talk about, but marriage is hard and often ends in divorce. I am so grateful my husband and I did not take that path. God is so good! P.S. I LOVED your post on marriage as well. We do have a lot of similarities!

  2. Michelle

    Sara, I identified with your story so much! Marriage can be difficult enough on it’s own but adding the endless regiment that comes with having a Special Needs child can strain it to the point of breaking. My husband works in a job where it’s extremely difficult for him to get time off, so there are times in which I’m very overwhelmed with doctor’s appointments, procedures, and therapies- I’m the one who has to use my time off and FMLA for that purpose. He tries to take some appointments when he can arrange it, but it can be hard at times not to feel that you’re doing the majority of the heavy lifting, so to speak. But I have to sit back and remind myself that those 60 hour work weeks are for the benefit of our family and our son; that he’s working his butt off to make sure we’re provided for, and he still does his best to be present for therapies or to just give me a break when he’s home. But at the end of the day, you’re too tired for anything else but sleep and it’s hard to connect.
    BTW, did you ever figure out the sleep issue with your son? My son is also impossible to get to sleep on his own and I’m always curious to find out how other families with similar situations found solutions.

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