1. Janet

    Great story! It sounds like our family! We have an 8 year old son with Down Syndrome and his 21 year old sister is in grad school for Speech Therapy. We also live in Ohio and she is attending grad school in Ohio! Our 2 oldest children love and accept their brother unconditionally. We are very fortunate. Our son has taught us so much and we would have it no other way!!!

  2. I just found your #31days series and am so grateful! I am both a special needs Mommy and a special needs sibling. My brother had down’s syndrome and my son has autism. When my son was diagnosed my first thought was, “Oh, my little boy!” and then “Oh, my girls!”…. while I loved my brother dearly (still do though he’s been gone for seven years now) it is different having a special needs sibling. You are different, then, too. Thank you for writing these blog posts! I look forward to reading more!

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