1. amyctilson

    Miriam, thank you for sharing this. I’ve never heard of this and had no idea it even existed. This is from someone with an undergraduate degree in audiology of all things. You are a brave bold mama fighting not just for your boys, but for so many other babies. I will be passing this along.

  2. Sue Vidmar

    I have a 29 year old daughter who was not treated properly for her Jaundice. It breaks my heart every time I read stories on this page about the SAME THINGS HAPPENING 29 years later! it has changed her life forever and mine.

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing your story. I was nearly sent home with a jaundice baby because she really didn’t look very yellow, the nurses decided to do a random test and were very alarmed by her high numbers. If I’d had a normal birth they would have sent me home, it was just that I was stuck in for several days with an infection afterwards, and just one nappy was red urine, so they tested. She had to go immediately under the highest set of lights possible for over 24 hrs. It’s certainly something parents need to be aware of. Friends and family were saying, ‘oh it’s just jaundice, nothing to worry about,’ but the staff were quite concerned.

    • Lizzy, what a GOD thing that you got that infection that perhaps saved your baby from being sorely impacted by the untreated jaundice! I am so glad that you had competent staff to treat her!

  4. Ib

    Thank you for sharing your story Miriam. It is sad that the African hospitals are more conscious of this than our advanced hospitals. I had to ask for the test for my second child on day 3 when we were to be discharged. We stayed on for a few days bc it came back 16 and kept climbing. My first baby was tested even without my knowing it was an issue in a small African hospital and then they taught me how dangerous it could be.
    I wish we really understand the risks as mum’s and mums-to-be. God will continue to work through your son to bring forth beauty in His time.

  5. Ashley french

    Thank you for your article. My beautiful 7 month old baby girl has been diagnosed with kernicterus. Noone tells you anything or what to really expect, i have a millions questions and not enough answer. We have an overwhelming amount of doctors and specialist. It has been a fight since her 7th day of life. Your article gives beautiful insight into what we will face and a great way to view it. Have a blessed one.

  6. Ashley french

    Thank you for your article, it is beautiful. Your article was and is the first article I have read from a parent. Our beautiful 7 month old baby has kernicterus. She is diagnosed after her jaundiced peaked at a level 42 on day 7. It is a blessing to read about so many unknowns. Things that the 7 doctors have not said or have any idea about. I have millions of questions to ask for my baby. Your article gives insight. Hope and a little peace.

  7. Ernest MWALE

    Am humbled by this article, I have found a lot of encouragement. My boy is in the same situation, he is two, he can not speak, stand,sit nor touch anything. His late brother also was in the same situation, he died at three.

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