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Ultimate list of printable birth affirmations and scriptures

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In my last post on art therapy, I talked about how positive words helped me maintain mindfulness throughout my pregnancy. Another way that I sought out mindfulness was through pregnancy and birth affirmations and scriptures. I started out by printing affirmations onto cardstock and laminating them. I put them on rings and read over them while walking a few times a week. Occasionally, I would also read over them before falling asleep at night.

printable birth affirmations

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birth affirmation cards

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I also took the lyrics to songs from my VBAC playlist and made them into printable cards. You can view that document here: VBAC Playlist Song Lyric Cards.

I did use these in the very early stages of labor, as well as the next morning when I had the epidural and was trying to refocus myself on day 2.

birth affirmations 1

More CREATIVE Birth Affirmation Ideas

Additionally, I started saving birth affirmations and inspirational and/or scripture quotes from Google images and my Facebook news feed. I compiled them in albums on my phone, computer, and Picasa web albums so that I could set up a screensaver/slideshow on all of my devices (iPhone, computer, and Roku TV). In the latter weeks of pregnancy, sometimes I would turn on relaxing music and the web album slideshow on my TV. Then I would bounce on my birth ball while reading the positive words and meditating on them.

(I ended up using these digital affirmation formats far more than I used the printable ones.)

birth affirmations 2

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