1. Alyce

    Aw, how beautiful!!! Pun not really intended, but fits nonetheless 😉 I totally get the whole oh-that’s-right-I’ll-get-presents-too thing!! I do the same!!

  2. Kristin Kraabel

    I’m not a holiday gift giver (because I find stuff all year long…or make stuff all year long that is perfect and just get it and can’t wait so…people get gifts all year long. And I don’t like shopping, I like making.) and I don’t really love recieving gifts unless they are perfect (because stuff drives me crazy). My husband has made my last few gifts and this year there won’t be anything, but next year it will be him freshly completing his contract and moving home. I can’t wait for next year. Isn’t it great when the gift is perfect. Just wait until your little guy can sneak off and make you a present all by himself, those are the best! Enough of my babbling (can you tell I need friends…I babble on others blogs). Ha. Merry Christmas! Loving your space and how beautiful you express things!

  3. Laurie

    Your gifts are just perfect. My daughter makes signs similar to the one you received. She blessed me with 3 of them for Christmas. Truly the best gifts I received this year. These are the kind that come from the heart. Happy New Year to you and your family. I’m visiting from Stone Cottage Adventures Blog Hop.

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