1. Enough is all it can ever be. And yes, even though I love my wife, each day I am learning to love her. She is a great teacher and often holds the mirror up to me and each day is an opportunity to move forward, learn and love deeper. Beautiful post.

  2. Marriage Girl

    Hi Aprille,
    Thanks for the info, I read these post about women who married a guy who does not care for them. I wonder how may women passed on a guy who loved them and married the bad boy thinking the guy would changer even after kids….

    Also I have been reading post about other who are too hard on their spouse thinking that they need to be the perfect spouse or handle things a certain way like in the movies or something but when they fall short they dump them like they were dating or something.

    Why do people toss away marriages so fast?
    I look forward to your next post

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