1. “Bloggers: sometimes the best thing we can do for our readers is stop trying so hard, producing so much for them to ingest. Give them space. You’re not a content machine. You are a person. Don’t forget to live your life.” Can I get an amen? 🙂 Great encouragement and advice. And I’m looking forward to reading some of these links!

  2. Mandi Smith

    Thanks for sharing those links…..oh, I felt so bad last night when as I was slowly walking down the stairs with baby in my arms trying to not go down them to fast since he was tensing up his body with each step I made when I suddenly I missed a step and fell, scaring my poor little son!! Thankfully neither one of us got badly hurt….but I felt so bad later when he was trying to go to sleep and every time he jerked in his sleep he woke up crying lie he was scared…..some days I just don’t feel like a good enough Mom for him……

  3. Blogger Interview - Aprille - Blogging on the Side

    […] only written six. I do have two posts that I try to do monthly, a Beauty in the Mess post and a Link Love post. But I have been late on those from time to time too. I love the flexibility I have in schedule and […]

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