June Link Love

Welcome to Monthly Link Love, where I share some goodies from other bloggers around the internets. Several of these posts really made me think – and I hope they will stir up your mind too!

June Link Love

Why This Former Progressive Is Returning To Evangelicalism (Part. 1/3)
Because all we do when we keep our children in bubbles is we raise very nice little heathens.

Why this Former Progressive is Returning to Evangelicalism (Part 2/3)
When we teach our kids the right things to do and say, without allowing them to express or experience brokenness, they will be imprisoned by a deep sense of shame and guilt, versus understanding the very reason we need Jesus in the first place.

Why this Former Progressive is Returning to Evangelicalism (Pt. 3/3)
I’d been taught to view the church, and world, through my behavior. And my behavior was either wrong or right, and there was no middle-ground, there was no grace, because I didn’t start with Christ.

Do Your Selfies Mean You’re a Narcissist?
There are times in life where it’s important to look back at your pictures and see yourself in them, to remember you were there, to see the emotion you felt in that moment.

The Wild Mysterious
If you try to make everyone understand, you will stand still all your life. Lay down your desire to have everyone’s approval. It’s the hardest and most freeing thing you’ll ever do.

Dear Mom on the iPhone: You’re Doing Fine.
You’ve been watching your kids–All day. And now, at the park, when they can run around and play, you’re taking a few minutes for yourself on your phone.

Being a Mom Means Keeping them Safe. Or At Least Knowing All the Risks. Right?
My granny says that “Moms these days have it so easy.” But we’ve replaced the physical labor with a kind of fevered anxiety about how to keep our children safe and get them to adulthood in the best shape possible that leaves us weary before we even start.

Society can never acknowledge that we lost a baby and with the same breath declare the rest to be tissue.

I’ve got your lifestyle blog right here
I’m worried that there are just too many internet destinations selling an idealized version of motherhood that no one can live up to. Because motherhood is beautiful, but it’s also messy.

And the older I get, the more convinced I am that all these “rules” and “fears” might have equipped me to avoid sex as a teen, but it also saddled me with a screwed up view of sex and sexuality.

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