1. Beth

    Thank you for writing this, I cried, I had to read it a couple of times…our son is 15 and has Autism. Your words felt familiar…and comforting.

  2. Katie Emanuel

    This is such a beautiful post, Marie. Thank you for sharing your story. Your love for your son and for his Creator shine through in every word!

  3. What a beautiful, precious post, Marie! Thank you so much for sharing your story about Michael and your heart. It was truly a blessing to me today to read this! <3

  4. Lovely reminder, that old hymn 🙂 my special guy has just turned 17 and I can look back and see that grace carrying me. But I love your reminder that it will take us all the way home <3 I would like to share a link to this on my FB page called "Redefine Special" next week.

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