1. mrsabbott

    I like the walmart dress! Two of my favorite, most comfy dresses were from the clearance rack at walmart! And your beachy sundress.. I have one like it only it’s black & white and I made it. Still have to add straps to it (finally bought the ribbon, just haven’t sat down to do it yet) but I don’t have the nerve to wear it as a tube dress! Y’know.. a cute little denim jacket would look super cute over it! And I loooove the little love notes from your hubby! <3

    • Yeah! I saw the pictures of your black “beach” dress on your blog. It’s so cute. I don’t even really like to wear strapless…I love it as a skirt!

      And I just got a new denim jacket today! i’ll have to try that.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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