1. I loved letter to your past self from your future self. Aprille, this really was a wonderful and ingenius post. And your message is clear, you love Ezra, but everyone, including moms, need a break even for an hour.

  2. We really need to stop trying to be perfect and instead try to be good enough. This sets a good example for our kids who learn that they don’t have to try to be perfect either. If they see that sometimes we get tired and need a break then it allows them to have days when they are tired and need breaks too.

    Speaking of strollers – did you ever see the movie Away We Go with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph? One lady refuses to put her child in a stroller because she doesn’t want her child to think she’s “pushing him away.” I smile every time I put my son in a stroller – you could go crazy trying to follow all the parenting fads!

    • I’ve never seen that movie or heard that ideology, but I’ve heard plenty other similar ridiculous things, and even held to them at some point. Then I got a brain. lol

  3. Probably my favorite post from you so far (and I love ALL of what you write)!!! 🙂 I cried and laughed. I want to write a letter like this to my earlier Mom-self, and so much of what you said would be in my letter as well. There is NO such thing as perfect, and no person who ever was…except Jesus. You are awesome. God gave you Ezra because no other Mommy in the whole world could be his Mommy. He is blessed because of you! Keep giving yourself Grace like in this post…His Grace is enough. <3 Love you friend, I am PROUD of you!!!

    • Thank you so much. This comment made me laugh. I’m glad it is your favorite. I’ve learned so many things the hard way and I’m just glad I can share it all.

      You totally should write a littler like this. 🙂

  4. This sounds exactly like something I should have read my first year of Motherhood while my husband was deployed, as well. The pressure to feel “perfect” as a new Mom, and do everything right while also adjusting to new Army life without my husband was something that almost destroyed me from the inside out. But, there’s no going back… I’m so thankful I found your blog to read now! 🙂

    • I could have written that comment. I’m so glad to be beyond that phase. I have a lot of regrets, but for now I just have to be thankful that I’m in a better emotional place.

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