1. Cyndi

    This is an awesome post. Congrats on the views, blessings for the job situation, may you get some needed sleep and know that you’re awesome! 🙂

  2. Waiting, not knowing, and just trusting are the hardest for me. I can look back and see several times in my life when God’s answer to my prayers was to wait for His timing…and it was so hard! BUT looking back (hind site is 20/20 right!) I can see how waiting was all apart of His perfect plan for my life 🙂 Praying for you guys in these next months as you wait for God’s perfect plan to reveal itself to you! …um, and HOW do you make egg drop soup?! It looks yummy and perfect for this “high of 3 degrees” day we are having here 🙂

    • For egg drop soup, you take chicken broth and heat it to boiling, then add scrambled egg and stir it into the broth. It cooks up in seconds. If you don’t have broth on hand (I haven’t been to the store in a while! lol) you can use bouillon and water for the base. The first time I made it (pictured in this post) I actually used a *very* old Thai rice noodle bowl…used the vegetable and spices packets and just used the egg instead of the noodles. Ratio is around 1 egg per cup of broth.

      I can cook this within minutes and I’ve had one bowl almost every day this week.

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