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Jump {Five Minute Friday}

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Today I am participating in a weekly feature on called Five Minute Fridays. Bloggers are given a writing prompt (topic) and told to write for *five minutes. “No *editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.” Today’s topic is “Jump.”


I sit at the traffic light leading off of my street. It’s a long holding light so I take the time to apply lip gloss (something that rarely happens).

I’m nervous.

I had changed my outfit three times. A combination of nerves and my “cute” clothes from last summer being too loose. I just wasn’t comfortable. I finally decided on a pink polo shirt and a jean skirt…the outfit that said, “Yes, that’s who Aprille is.”

My mind fills with doubts. Maybe I’m jumping in too fast. Maybe I’m pushing myself too hard. There are still boxes in my living room and I’m running off to meet a bunch of strangers in hopes of making friends.

Maybe I’m acting too desperate.

I push the doubts aside and arrive at the church. I park behind a van with an Army wife sticker and I know that I’m in the right place. I’m greeted with smiles and fresh coffee.

I briefly share my story and someone remarks, “Wow, you have just jumped in with both feet haven’t you?”

I smile and shrug.

I go on to worship with women I already know are my sisters. And I feel at home.

Maybe I am desperate. Maybe I’ve jumped too quickly. 

But it’s worth it. I’m glad I jumped.


*I will be sharing more of this story in a post to come. 

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