1. Ok, so as a parent you know you’ve watched too much Daniel Tiger yourself when (instead of reading them) you SING the skills concepts in your head…”Try new foods cuz they might taste gooooood” and “Growwwwn-ups come baaaaaack”. No really though, I think this is one of my favorite shows for my littles to watch. Great messages that they learn through story and song.

  2. Lacey Michael

    Yeah, I totally can sing all the Daniel Tiger songs…I’m that good! haha! My kids have watched a lot of TV. They’re fine so far…I guess we’ll see. 😉

  3. Stephen watches almost the EXACT same things!!! No kidding! He has learned the alphabet and letter sounds from LeapFrog, and he LOVES Little Einsteins! This is so funny…it is like reading what I would write! His one other very favorite is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Although it is not as educational as the others, it is the one he usually asks for. 🙂 And I agree about Netflix being worth the money each month!

  4. Angela Brady

    Thanks for the list! Just wanted to let you know little einsteins in available for streaming in Netflix now

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