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Top 14 Posts of 2014

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It’s that time of year again, when I give you a sampling of my best and most popular posts from the year.

My 31 Days Series ended up being incredibly popular, so much so that most of the other posts I had written this year were knocked out of the top 14! I am so glad that this content went far and reached a lot of people. You can view a full list of those posts on the 31 Days Landing Page.

So, 31 Days aside, here are my Top 14 Posts of 2014.

top 14 posts of 2014

Top 14 posts of 2014:

14. Friendships between single and married women (an awkward introduction)

13. Behind the smiles: on wanting to be “normal” and having a broken Easter

12. He’s gonna have all of me {an anniversary post}

11. Options for the mom who is too tired to cook…

10. Guilt-inducing hymns, the try-hard life, and recovery

9. At-home preschool resources for the very tired, non-creative, really busy mom {a blog series}

8. 11 love songs to help you through a rough spot in your marriage

7. The so-called “real mom myth” – and a little glimpse of my reality

6. Mothering Through Fatigue {a blog series}

5. Our favorite preschool apps

4. when you’re “tired of being a good mother”

3. A letter to the tired moms

2. The best educational DVDs and Netflix shows for preschoolers!

1. On Frozen’s “Let It Go”: A recovering “good girl” speaks out

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