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Yes…I’m going there. I have some close friends and a few weeks ago we found ourselves talking about it. You know…sex. We gleaned some great advice from each other and we all agreed that more dialogue about sex needs to happen in Christian circles. Join me as I open up the conversation in this post over at Singing Through the Rain, 6 Things I Wish I Had Known About Sex (Before I Got Married).

6 things I wish I had known about sex

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  • Alexandra

    THANK YOU for writing this. From the perspective of a single gal (ha), the whole topic of sex in general is so mangled, stereotyped, and avoided in Christian circles (especially the legalistic ones) that it leaves young women either completely freaked out or left with unrealistic (and half the time untrue) misconceptions about it. Thanks for writing and sharing your heart about this. Such a needed topic.

  • Rebekah

    I left a comment on the original post, but just wanted to say thanks for talking about this. One of my favorite topics and I believe Christian women need more people they can speak to on this free of shame and judgment. A little guidance, perspective, etc. Just though I would introduce myself as well. I am a blogging friend of Vanessa Rasanen and I have seen from FB that you guys are friends as well (hope that is not creepy, you know how it is with FB). Anyway, it’s a small blogging world…sometimes!

  • Anthony Baker

    I haven’t read the post, but I will comment, anyway. This is one if those subjects I refuse to skip when doing pre-marital counseling. Couples that have sex before marriage are regularly shocked to find out things change.

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