1. So good! I especially needed to be reminded about the manipulation part…I too often revert to that because I think I am right (and he usually is!). God’s funny like that…giving us someone who ultimately knows better – hence the submission thing? Girl, you got me today! I am constantly working on submission and thankfully I have a sister in Christ who calls me on it (literally, through Skype) daily.

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  3. Stacey Jordan

    Great post! I need this reminder while God has Rob and I in a waiting period and we both struggle with the why and wanting God to just hurry up already! There are days when I feel like I am having to be stronger in my faith for both of us but I try not to get inpatient with him when I think he isn’t where he should be and I pray for him instead

    • I’ve been there so many times, especially when we were trying to figure out what was going to happen post-Army. It all worked out and we are stronger for it!

  4. holly

    Wow! Sooooo familiar. I was ready to leave our church years before my husband was. But I’m so glad I didn’t push him. Because it’s been so difficult on those around us when we changed churches, he needed this to be his personal decision. I think it could’ve really driven a wedge in our marriage had I manipulated him into leaving, or if I wouldve left without him. There were times when I was so frustrated at his inability to see what I saw, that I didn’t even want to be around him. But I made the choice to love him and respect his personal convictions. And prayed! I’m so thankful that God changed his mind. And now, the two of us, plus God, are a really strong team!

    • I really needed this comment today. A year later we are still dealing with differences in our journeys and it has caused conflict very recently. So thanks.

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