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Ultimate list of encouraging blog posts for special needs families {and those who love them}

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We have finally made it to day 31 of 31 Days of Supporting the Special Needs Family!!! To view the story behind this series and the series contents, please visit the landing page. Today, we are ending with a bang and sharing special needs link love from all over the blogosphere. I hope that these posts will fill in the gaps that we weren’t able to cover this month and bring you encouragement.

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For Special-Needs Moms

15 Things Being a Mom of a Special Needs Child Is and Isn’t

The Blessing of Being a Special Needs Mom

Moms: You Choose Love

15 superpowers of special needs moms

Finding Hope When Your Child Has a Special Need

Love Notes to Special Needs Moms

You Might Be A Special Needs Mom If…


For Special-Needs Dads

6 Secrets of Strong Special Needs Dads

7 things you didn’t know about a special needs dad

11 things a special needs dad wants you to know


For Churches

7 Ways Churches Can Love on Children with Special Needs

The Importance of Special Needs Ministry

When Church Hurts



3 Ways to Make your Marriage a Priority in a Special Needs Family

Staying United: Marriage and Special Needs

Is Happy Marriage Possible For Parents of Special Needs?

How to take care of your marriage when you have a child with special needs


For Friends and Family

The Power of Friendship: 5 Ways to Help a Special Needs Mom

How to encourage a special needs mom (when you aren’t one)

6 Ways to Encourage a Mom of a Special Needs Child

Why Your Special Needs Mom Friend Might Be… ‘One of THOSE Moms’

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

10 Little Things that Make a Special Needs Mom’s Day


What I Would Tell the Other Kids

I’m Jealous Of You

20 Things to Know About Special Needs Families

5 things to do after someone you love receives a special needs diagnosis




How To Combine Homeschooling and Special Needs Therapies (Without Losing Your Mind)

Homeschooling for Free and Frugal: Affording to Homeschool a Special Needs Child

Special Needs Homeschooling: an Adjustment in Expectations

10 Resources to Help You Homeschool a Child with Special Needs

~Homeschooling With Special Needs~

31 Days of Special Needs Homeschool Pinterest Hacks

#31Days of Homeschooling on the (Autism) Spectrum

Homeschooling Special Needs Children – It IS possible! Our Story


General Posts

11 special needs parent New Year’s resolutions

Navigating Disney with a Special Needs Child

A Comprehensive Guide To Special Needs Travel

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Children with Special Needs

The Problem of Special Needs Siblings

Encouragement for Parents of Kids with Special Needs: Fruit of the Spirit Series

To the Sibling of a Child with Special Needs

Ten Steps to Living (a GOOD) Life in Between Doctor Appointments

Self Care for Special Needs Parents

Legal Resources for Special Needs

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling

Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive

Teacher Resources for Special Needs

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs

Home Accommodations for Special Needs

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor

Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home

Financial Planning for Special Needs

Cerebral Palsy Myths & Facts Information Sheet


Special Needs Bloggers I Follow



I’m sure there are plenty of posts we have missed, so if you are a special needs blogger, please feel free to share your favorite / top post in the comments! 

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