1. lol – I’m sorry that you have had such a hard time, but that’s a funny post. I promise it will get better. Eventually. 😀 Hang in there Mama Bear.


  2. April

    HAHA! I needed this today. I have literally not slept all week! And #8! I’ve done it every night this week even though I KNOW it’s not going to help.

    • That was a stunningly beautiful post about the haze that is post-partum. I love this. And it makes me want to get a camera for my son so he can take pictures after the new baby comes.

  3. oh, this post made me giggle. i’ve passed this stage by a few years and mean NO discouragement when i tell you that now, mid-life hormones have replaced the new baby ones, and needing-to-talk-life-issues teenagers have laid claim to my would-be-sleeping hours. the pain is much the same, but the rewards continue to grow. i promise. 🙂

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