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11 Week Bumpdate

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I’m currently 11 weeks along in this pregnancy, so it’s time for a bumpdate!

11 Week Bumpdate

Baby is growing (obviously). There’s been no hiding this child for the last few weeks.

06 Weeks C

08 Weeks C

I’ve been feeling baby move since nine weeks along, which has been incredibly surprising to me. At first I denied it, but with each passing day the flutters got stronger and stronger!

I’ve been feeling…well….first trimestery. There has been throwing up a few times a week (although this weekwas been unscathed), hormonal fluctuations (to include irritability and random crying), cramping, hip pain, cravings, and probably the worst symptom…extreme fatigue. As I already fight severe fatigue (especially in the winter), it’s been really overwhelming at times. I’ve been doing as little as I can just to conserve strength which has meant some pretty serious Netflix marathons, naps, and going to bed early.

My cravings include ranch dressing (but only at 4-5 weeks, now it’s gross), fish sandwiches from McDonalds (which I also craved with Ezra…weird), Rice Krispie Treats, chocolate milk, salads with tuna (I know, I know), Coca Cola, pizza and anything tomatoey (which I have been indulging in spite of my tomato allergy), and pretty much anything else you can think of that’s sweet or unhealthy.

Many of my cravings go unfulfilled. Thank you very much food allergies for keeping me from stopping at Dunkin Donuts all the time.

In spite of the fatigue, I have been very focused on exercise. I’ve been attending traditional yoga classes at the YMCA once or twice a week, swimming once or twice a week, and I found a place I can take prenatal yoga classes as well and went earlier this week. I even tried a 30-minute cycle class this morning, which I’m pretty sure is the very definition of torture. I don’t know if I will be crazy enough to try that again. Then again, I might.

The exercise definitely helps my energy (at least temporarily) and with first trimester coming to a close I’m having days where I’ll get hit with a burst of energy. It’s very nice while it lasts.

I had my first appointment at 8 weeks with my midwife group, during which I was given an ultrasound! It was very nice to see baby (only ONE baby) and really allayed my fears of early miscarriage. I’ll be seeing this group of midwives the entire pregnancy with plans to attempt a VBAC waterbirth. I’ve also already met with an amazing doula, scheduled a refresher childbirth class at the hospital, and started a labor and delivery playlist.

I plan early because come summer I won’t want to do squat…or squats for that matter.

08 Weeks G

Ezra is still very excited, except when he is reminded for the millionth time to be gentle with Mommy because of the baby. He also is very insistent that this baby has to be a baby brother and that we MUST call him Baby Jesus.

Speaking of names, we have a boy’s name completely picked out, which was approved by Ezra (he must have been in a good mood that day). We have a girl’s first name tentatively picked but are at a loss as to a middle name. We will be keeping names a secret until the birth, but as Ezra will need to know the gender to prepare emotionally (especially if it’s a girl), (and since he doesn’t keep secrets…ever), we will be revealing that this time around. You’re welcome. 

We all really want a boy and have the feeling that the baby is a boy. But guts have been known to be wrong.

11 Week Bumpdate

Bring it on, Second Trimester!

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