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Little Brother’s Baby Nursery

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I am so excited to finally be able to share pictures of Little Brother’s baby nursery with all of you!! I have been working at his room off and on since pretty early on. As with Ezra, I got a very strong nesting instinct as soon as I entered the second trimester. And as I know I will be hot, huge, and very uncomfortable come third trimester–I tried to take advantage of all of the extra energy and resolve while I had it.

Little Brother’s nursery is much like Ezra’s was, but hopefully a bit more functional. And by functional I mean…hey look there’s a BED!

baby nursery 4

I can’t tell you how many nights I longed for a place to lie down while nursing Ezra as an infant or toddler. Which was possible while Russ was deployed but not nearly so when he was home. (Read: Full-size bed and hubby who refuses to upgrade)

I’m hoping that this baby will be a better sleeper than Ezra was (ahem…is). But there’s no guarantees. I honestly have no plan or clue how or where this child will be sleeping. But I’ll be prepared with a pack-and-play in the master bedroom and a BED and a crib in the baby’s room. So whatever ends up working – whether it be room-sharing, bed-sharing, or baby in a crib – it’s covered.

Little Brother’s crib and crib bedding is all hand-me-down. I still am just as much in love with this set as I was when Ezra used it.

baby nursery 9

The only thing different is the breathable mesh liner as opposed to the uber-cute bumpers I used with Ezra. (One of those safety-measures that I begrudgingly gave into.)

baby nursery 5

The changing table is new, as when I pulled Ezra’s table out of storage I found it covered in mold due to water damage.

Instead, we wound up with this, pre-owned for only six months, purchased by the original owners at a cost of at least $200, DRAWERS for my diaper stash – all for $60! Thank you Craigslist! #winning

baby nursery 8

baby nursery 2

We opted against a dresser because of space (thank you antique bookshelf that I love but have no better place to put). Instead, we are utilizing closet storage space more functionally with a preexisting storage system I had, a bunch of $1 and $5 baskets and bins from the Dollar Store and Dollar General, and a bunch of other baskets and bins I already had on hand or left-over from Ezra’s room.

baby nursery 6

The “night-stand” I had also had for several years, with some fresh bins from Babies-R-Us.

baby nursery 7

Finishing touches added were the valances (I had one panel for Ezra’s room but found another for this bigger window on eBay), basket which I’ve had for a long time, two new picture frames, and plants.

baby nursery 3

Finished product!

baby nursery 1

(Shhh…don’t tell Ezra I moved the rocking chair into Little Brother’s room just to take this picture. It’s still his for the next few months!)

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