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A few things I learned in April 2015

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Wow. April was such a full month for us. And in a lot of the best ways. I’ll go on to share some of these things in my next edition of Beauty in the Mess, but here are some things I learned along the way.

1) Ezra’s behavior really has improved. There’s knowing that it HAS to be true, and then there’s seeing it. And this month, there were several different settings and events in which it was so clear to see. Two family gatherings, two carnival/fair-type events, and the big one – starting a new school.

It hasn’t always been easy. And there have been some really really bad days. But looking back over this month, I can see it – visibly SEE the changes in him. And so can others. And when others tell me so, it’s just another boost.

2) Occupational Therapy has worked some fine-motor miracles. Ezra has gone from hating playdough, coloring, and writing to doing all three, consistently, with some major progress!

fine motor miracles

3) I’ve craved a lot of things this pregnancy, but apparently, Coca-Cola is THE craving. I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of curse.

4) I’m capable of so much more than I think. Including walking some serious mileage (67 miles) this month.

5) Physical exercise before school (including walking TO school) has got to be one of THE best interventions for a child with ADHD.

before school exercise

6) Some people care entirely too much about the characters in their TV shows. See also, crazy-people-who-think-a-petition-will-bring-dead-FICTIONAL-characters-back-to-life.

7) However, an 11-year character getting killed off a TV show makes for some seriously funny Twitter material. Like This, This, and This.

8) Knowing the gender of your unborn child makes it a lot easier to bond.

9) Pregnancy is just hard, even when you are checking all the boxes.

10) Never stop fighting to see your dreams come to fruition. Even when there are obstacles. Even when it takes five years and legal red tape. Even if you lose all your savings. This woman is a personal friend and my hero. Read her story here.

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