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Going Local: VBAC-friendly birth resources for Triad, NC Moms

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This post is part of a blog series, 31 Days of Preparing for VBAC: my story of purposeful pregnancy, beautiful trial of labor after cesarean, and the healing repeat cesarean birth of my second child. To view all of the posts in this series, check out the landing page. To receive all posts in the series by email, subscribe here.

When I moved to NC in 2013, one of the first things I did (before we even moved) was start Googling to try to find resources to prepare for a VBAC in preparation for the birth of our next child. I was hopeful that, when the time came for us to have another, my birth experience would be different. I didn’t find much online at the time, and a lot of what I found was outdated information buried on old websites and blogs.

Two years later, when we found out we were pregnant with Little Brother, I had finally connected with more resources and starting preparing in earnest for a VBAC. The support that this community offered me over the course of my pregnancy was phenomenal.

Moms seeking a VBAC face unique challenges, both physically and emotionally. I would like to share some of the VBAC-friendly resources and support that this community offers.

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VBAC friendly birth resources

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