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Pregnancy Art Therapy Project: Affirmations Coloring Pages

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This post is part of a blog series, 31 Days of Preparing for VBAC: my story of purposeful pregnancy, beautiful trial of labor after cesarean, and the healing repeat cesarean birth of my second child. To view all of the posts in this series, check out the landing page. To receive all posts in the series by email, subscribe here. This post is about how I used coloring pages and art therapy to prepare for my attempted VBAC. 
How I used art therapy and birth affirmations coloring pages to prepare for my attempted VBAC
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When I was pregnant with Ezra, I bought two adult coloring books (of butterflies and flowers) to color in the last few weeks of his pregnancy. They sat, unused, for nearly 4 years in our game cupboard, when all of the sudden, when watching him color, I remembered that I had them. I got them out to color while we sat at the table together, but was struggling a bit. I just wasn’t into what I was coloring. I wanted something more specific and empowering to what I was going through in preparing for this new baby.

Enter Google. (Or was it Pinterest?)

Regardless, I happened upon a website that offers free adult coloring pages of quotes, inspirational art, and affirmations. With Doodle Art Alley, you can select any number of coloring books and start coloring yourself!

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coloring project 2

Pregnancy Art Therapy Project: Affirmations Coloring Pages

For the last 15 weeks of my pregnancy, I colored often. I loved this project because I could do it very easily while spending time WITH Ezra while he was at the table playing with playdough, puzzles, preschool worksheets, or coloring himself.

affirmations coloring 1

I could also work on coloring while sitting on the birth ball…or even while watching TV or listening to podcast episodes about birth.

coloring project 1

(while watching More Business of Being Born)

Coloring helped pass time, helped to relax me, and kept me focused on mindfulness during the pregnancy.

affirmations coloring 2

Once I had enough sheets colored, I started laminating them and hanging them on my kitchen wall in collage format to keep the positivity all around me. I still have them hanging up and they still encourage me while dealing with general life stressors, especially as we adjust to the new baby.

affirmations coloring

While I primarily used Doodle Art Alley when I was pregnant, there are also some fabulous products that I’ve since found on Etsy that are more birth and pregnancy specific! I will share these below!

Your Beautiful Birth Workbook – Buy it here!
Pregnancy and Newborn Mandala Book – Buy it here!
Color Me Birth Affirmation Banner – Buy it here!
Labor & Birth Affirmation 7″x7″ Prints to Color – set of 8 – Buy this set here!

View more birth affirmation products to color here!

How I used art therapy and birth affirmations coloring pages to prepare for my attempted VBAC
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