1. Diana

    Thank you so much for this post! It is exactly what I needed to read right now. Just before reading it I was thinking about how tired, confused, anxious and overwhelmed I was. There is just too much pressure from so many sources around us. Just looking at kindergarten geography projects in the hallway at my children’s school-they look like an adult did them, because they did! What happened to letting kids be creative? But now when it comes time to do a project with (for) my child, I feel like any mistake or imperfection is a reflection on me! 🙁 Then we all get frustrated with each other. I love Pinterest as much as most moms to get ideas sometimes, but I think this Pinterest Perfection Era is becoming ridiculous. Thanks again for the article, I hope I can keep your words with me today as I navigate this crazy life of constant judements. A quote I love is: “Spend more time trying to impress yourself than worrying about impressing others.”

    • That’s a great quote! Thanks for sharing!!! And Ugh…I’m not looking forward to helping my kiddos with school projects. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. Leah @ Love and Blues

    I could just kiss you for this. I wish we were still in the time where you weren’t inundated with this kind of information. It IS overwhelming!! If I’m being perfectly honest, I had a great day with my son yesterday, yet cried for an hour in the evening because I had the overwhelming feeling I must be failing in some way.
    YES to needing the village and not being understood by the village. Whenever I meet new mom friends, I feel like we spend the whole time holding back, worried what the other will think of our parenting choices. Because there’s SO MANY CHOICES in this day and age. I say that as a mom who intended on a home birth and ended up having a C-section. I learned quickly that there’s ideal and there’s reality.
    But it still doesn’t stop me from being hard on myself.
    A friend of mine who’s pregnant actually said she was “cheating” by taking zofran to help with morning sickness. The mommy guilt starts so early! I told her there’s no cheating in parenthood just surviving.
    Anyway, thank you for this 🙂

    • This comment – ugh. It makes me so sad. But I SO get it. This is the life we live as young moms and it shouldn’t be this way!!! Everyone needs to chill out! Glad your baby is safe and healthy!!! You sound like a great mom!

  3. Lindsey

    I am in love with this post! I too am a SAH millennial mom of 2 toddlers, a year and a half apart, and I feel like this all the time! I wanted to suggest a book I recently read that really helped me “being mom” and handling all the things that go into being mom. It’s called, “The Supermom Myth” by Becky Kopitzke. It’s helped with perspective on everything you mentioned. Great book, awesome read. Check it out.

  4. Spot on article!! Thank you for writing this piece. Any mom can relate to all these points, especially the Facebook photos of your kids and well meaning but, misguided information!! Found this article through Pinterest funny enough!

    • Yes, that is funny. I actually am quite active on Pinterest with my own content, but I rarely go on just to browse because it’s such an energy, time, and peace suck!

  5. Yes to all of this! I think some of the pressure is similar from generation to generation. The difference with Millennials is the volume at which they are exposed to it.

    I’m sure grandmas have had their opinion on how their grandbabies are being raised since forever, but millennial parents have the added joy of strangers weighing in on their decisions.

    Great post!

  6. Momof4

    Non millennial moms faced the criticism, doubts and fears too. I was constantly criticized for my parenting. The difference is that them there was no place to go to find answers. So we just delt with the guilt payed on us by our parents, our peers and yes even our millennial children who seemed to have more of the answers in this age of information. So yes the circumstances may change with generations but the lack of confidence in our ability to parent and get it “right” crosses every generation

  7. Ginny

    I know this is an old post but I wanted to say than you for writing it. This explains exactly how I feel as I sit here with my 4.5 month old daughter incessantly googling how to get her to sleep in her crib instead of my arms because no one else seems to be able to help. All of the information online is overwhelming but at the same time it’s like no one else gets it. Glad to know I’m not alone in feeling this way!

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