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Special Needs Survival Series: Parents Share Their Tips and Advice

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Two years ago, I participated in the 31 Days Blogging Challenge with a series for Special Needs Families. It was called “31 Days of Supporting the Special Needs Family: Opening Dialogue, Building Bridges, Creating Community.”

A few months ago, I again felt the burden to open up this blogging space for the support and encouragement of special needs families, especially as my family is now two years post-diagnosis with our own special needs story.


This series is going to speak to the broad range of “special needs” that families have. I especially want to give more credence to families who might face medical challenges, as well as continuing to share hope and encouragement to those dealing with invisible disabilities, mental illness, and other special needs.

Special Needs Survival Series:

Parents Share Their Tips and Advice

How to get a behavioral diagnosis for your child

Moving beyond the ADHD diagnosis

Visual boundaries for children

Encouraging independent play (with children who hate being alone)

Practical products and resources for children with behavioral and sensory challenges

Our ADHD Medication Success Story

Even if we can’t find heaven: cultivating love for my special needs child

How to help your special needs child succeed at church

Social Skills CDs for Children with Special Needs

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Adopting a Child with Special Needs

5 Tips for Preparing Your Superhero for Surgery Day

Managing Appointments and Outings with Special Needs Children

Eating out with a special needs kid (it’s kind of a big deal!)

My Self Care Must-Haves (As a Special Needs Mom)

Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide for Special Needs Families (120+ Links!)

Support Special Needs Families With Your Christmas Shopping

Never enough: an honest look at what special needs parenting is like

Special Needs Moms Share Their Thoughts About Mother’s Day

Gifts for Special Education Teachers and Therapists (75+ UNIQUE IDEAS!)

The hardest thing about being a special needs mom

Ode to the Neurotypical Sibling of the Special Needs Child

When you’re discouraged and don’t know what to do, take a walk

Why it’s so hard for special needs families to find the right therapist

Creating a Family-Friendly Office: A Guide for Therapists & Doctors

No, medicating my child’s ADHD is not the easy way out

Book Review: Beyond the Diagnosis by Amy Mattson

Spiritual warfare and special needs: “Remember who you battle.”


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