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Support Special Needs Families With Your Christmas Shopping

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Wouldn’t be great if your Christmas shopping not only blessed your friends and family but also went to support a special needs family? Look no further! You can support families with disabilities with the each of your online shopping cart! Today I am sharing with you some lovely special needs entrepreneurs whose small businesses go to support their family’s financial needs.

Wouldn't be great if your Christmas shopping not only blessed your friends and family but also went to support a special needs family? Look no further! Support families with disabilities with your online shopping cart! The proceeds from these Christmas gifts make a real difference!

Mom Warrior Tee Company

Mom Warrior Tee Company is dedicated to Mom Warriors (Moms who fight for their children): moms that create hope when most have given up on their children. In their TeePublic store, you can shop tees for the Mama Bears you know!


Lisa Leonard Designs

Lisa Leonard is a mom whose son, David, has a chromosomal abnormality. She makes stunning jewelry and pewter ornaments!


Sunshine and Spoons

Are t-shirts for your friends and family on your Christmas list? Then skip CafePress because Sunshine and Spoons is the place to do your Christmas shopping! Hannah is both a special needs mom (as in she has special needs herself), but she has special needs kiddos! While her shop has a ton of product that is special needs oriented, she carries t-shirts of many varieties!!


(Sunshine and Spoons is Beautiful In His Time verified and approved!)

Novotny Design

Kristin from Novotny Design is a resident of Wisconsin, DIY enthusiast, coffee addict and parent of two children with special needs. Her ebook, Bringing Positivity Into Parenting Neurodiverse Children, encourages parents to transform their relationship with their child by letting go of expectations and embracing neurodiversity.

Kristin has her own Etsy shop, NovotnyDesign: Printable Quotes. Rustic Decor. Upcycled Inspiration. She has a ton of gifts of quotes from favorite shows like The Office, New Girl, and Friends.

I trust the next chapter because I know its author – mini wood sign – Buy it here!

Emily’s Bracelets: Special Bracelet’s by a Special Girl

Photo Credit Emily’s Bracelets on Facebook

Emily Morrissey is a young adult with Cerebral Palsy who is the face (and hands) behind all of these very unique bracelets. “I want people to smile when wearing my bracelets!” Making bracelets and making people smile is Emily’s passion and purpose.

Emily was born in June of 1998 and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. However, she has never let her challenges beat her. From learning to walk on her own after being told she never would be able to, to being able to tie her own shoes, nothing has ever gotten in her way. One of the things Emily has learned and loved to do is making bracelets. She started by making bracelets just for her family that coordinated with the current seasons or events. Soon the bracelets started to receive compliments, and people began to ask for bracelets for themselves.

SHOP HERE: Emily’s Bracelet’s


Also, PJ, Emily’s younger brother wrote a book entitled Different that tells more of their story and is available on Amazon.

Within the pages of Different, the young author captures a unique perspective on life as the sibling of a special needs child. In addition to advice for other siblings, as well as parents, of special needs children, PJ shares his love and respect for his special sister through humorous and inspirational accounts of his life with her thus far. His most important message is that living life with someone who is different, not disabled, is a wonderful gift like no other.

STTR Designs

STTRDesigns is an Etsy shop run by my friend and fellow special needs mom blogger, Kathryn. She has been blogging for over a decade at Singing Through the Rain. She recently opened her own Etsy shop. She sells stickers and digital files highlighting the needs of rare disabilities:

STTR Designs – shop now!

Rainbow Mama Design

Rainbow Mama Design sells vinyl stickers, tshirts, mugs and more with a focus on “Spreading Love, Positivity & Neurodiversity Acceptance.”

“Your support helps me donate playground core boards to schools & parks in the USA, neurodiversity affirming children’s books to elementary schools, and sometimes monthly donations to neurodiversity affirming organizations.”

Caffeinate and Advocate TShirt – Buy it here!

Sleeping Angels Treasures

My name is Silvia, I am a professional graphic designer with 2 children in heaven.

You may wonder why “Sleeping Angel”… my first son Alex was stillborn at full term after an uneventful pregnancy. I was inconsolable for a long time. After a miscarriage I gave birth to my second Angel, my son Nicky. Unfortunately he  suffered greatly from a very rare (1 in 2.3 million) skin condition called “Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa”. He exceeded all expectations by living 25 years. He’s a treasure I will behold in memory the rest of my life. 

Lastly, thankfully, I had my son Connor, healthy and strong, who keeps me going.

I love design, quotes and making fun things. My husband only wears T-Shirts and he always wears funny ones, so he gave me the idea. In life we have to laugh and smile through the tears in the final hope to not let the hard times kill us.

As times goes on I will expand my offering of fun, one-of-a-kind items!

Silvia sells tshirts, hoodies, ornaments, framed prints, coffee mugs, and more in her Etsy store, Sleeping Angels Treasures.

Special Needs Mama t-shirt – Buy it here!

Kind Actions KidHere to give your kiddo a voice- even if it’s just with fashion.

Just a special needs mom- here to bring awareness.

Hello! I’m Holly! Like you, the universe brought me a severe needs child, and turned my world upside down. My daughter is 8 now, and it’s something new everyday. She has been diagnosed with so many issues like cerebral palsy, autism, global delay… ultimately we found out Harlow was the way she was due to a rare genetic disorder called DDx3x. I felt defeated, like I had wasted so much time on the wrong treatments, the wrong doctors- and every time we got a new diagnoses I mourned the fate of my child all over again.

I ultimately decided to quit my job, and in between appointments and therapies to create t-shirts to empower us as mothers, fathers, siblings, and teachers but ultimately to give our kids a voice. We are the most marginalized group of people that often gets forgotten in the mix and I just want to bring awareness and acceptance. Feel free to message me with ideas, or what your child’s diagnosis is. I’d love to research and create something for them or you!

One Individual with Autism shirt – Buy It Here!

Special Needs Supermom

As a special needs supermom of an autistic wonderboy and a supergirl battling JIA, I missed having a tribe of fellow special needs moms, especially those early years. A tribe that knew how I felt, who wouldn’t judge, to share info with and get advice from. This led to the birth of the Special Needs Supermom Podcast. A place to help fellow special needs supermoms to relax and recharge their superpowers.

The podcast led to Special Needs Supermom Facebook page followed by the much wanted Special Needs Supermom Planner. Because we supermoms have a lot on our mind it’s good to have a planner to help us make the most of our time, while also taking care of ourselves.

Special Needs Planner – Buy It Here!

This Uncommon Journey – Planners & Printables for Special Needs Families

Hello & Welcome to All Our Special Needs Parents & Caretakers! #we’vegotyourback WE REALLY DO!

I’m a special needs mom to an incredible young man so I know first hand just how complicated and overwhelming this life can get.

Our mission? To help make This Uncommon Journey a little easier. And it begins with our smart Planners & Life Ready Systems that are all designed to give special needs parents & caretakers just like you…

More time
More ease
More wisdom and…
More personal power
Join us and get started today!

Planner EXCLUSIVELY for Special Needs Families – Life Ready System Planners & Printables

ChuckAndHank – T-shirts that spread awareness and celebrate difference

I’ve always loved making t-shirts! I designed them for myself to wear as a teacher. I was a teacher for 19 years, and recently had to stop working to take care of my Special Needs kids. My oldest Charlie has CP and is Autistic, my youngest Henry was born deaf and has Cochlear Implants. They have so so so many doctors appointments and therapies that it was impossible for me to teach anymore. I have been searching for fashionable options for special needs awareness shirts for a while, and couldn’t find any that I loved. So….I created my own, for my own family. Then I realized that others may like them and could benefit from them! My ETSY adventure is just beginning and my goals are to spread awareness and celebrate diversity, while making a little extra money to help my family! I feel excited, creative, and encouraged by the journey so far and am thrilled to see what will happen….

Buy it here!

This is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list. So if you are a special needs mom (or kid) entrepreneur, send me an email ( or Facebook message and I will add your shopping link to this post ASAP!

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